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The front and rear windows of a car, usually using curved glass that is good for visual field and beautiful, are embedded in the window frame by rubber seal strip or pasted on the window frame with a special adhesive. In order to facilitate natural ventilation, the side window glass of the car can usually move up, down or before and after. Between glass and guideway, there is a sealing slot with materials such as woolen or flocking rubber. The side windows of some cars also use cylindrical glass that is conducive to the layout of the car.

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Laminated glass refers to the use of a transparent bonding plastic film affixed between two or three layers of glass, the strong toughness of the plastic and the hardness of the glass combined to increase the glass's anti-crushing capacity. Tempered glass refers to the ordinary glass quenching to form a certain internal stress, so that the strength of the glass is strengthened, in the impact of crushing, the glass will split into a small fragment with a blunt edge, not easy to cause harm to the occupant. And the regional tempered glass is a new variety of tempered glass, it has been specially treated, can in the impact of rupture, its glass cracks can still maintain a certain degree of clarity, to ensure that the driver's field of view area is not affected. At present, the front windshield of the car is mainly laminated tempered glass and mezzanine area tempered glass, can withstand a strong impact.

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The development of modern car appearance is closely related to the development of glass technology. As early as more than 40 years ago, the front windshield of the sedan had adopted a single-piece curved windshield and gradually abandoned the planar windshield. Today's car windshield is generally made into a whole type of daqu surface, up and down have a certain arc. This surface glass is a highly technical requirement, both in terms of processing and installation, because it involves many problems such as vehicle model, strength, heat insulation, assembly and so on.

The windshield of the car adopts curved glass, starting from the aerodynamic point of view. Because modern cars have a normal speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour, oncoming airflow through curved glass can reduce eddy currents and turbulence, thereby reducing air resistance. Coupled with the smooth transition of the edge of the window frame and the body surface, the glass and body are integrated, from the visual sense of the overall coordination and aesthetics, but also can reduce the vehicle's wind resistance coefficient. In addition, the surface glass has a high strength, can use thinner glass, the car lightweight has a certain significance.

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Modern car surface windshield to achieve a bending corner of the smoothness to be high, can not appear optical distortion, from any angle on the driver's seat to see the outside of the object is not deformed not dazzling. Formerly the car glass usually with neat strips along the glass edge modification or protection, now the car on the glass are ceramic glaze, known as the "black border." There are many car windscreens also coated, using reflective coating process or improve the composition of glass, only let the sun visible light into the compartment, blocking ultraviolet and infrared, to a large extent to reduce the occupant suffered from the heat. This modern sedan glass, known as "green Glass," has been widely used.

The safety performance of the car windshield is very important. Not to say that if the safety can be low, it is dangerous to the occupant's body, is to the car itself, if the windshield glass cracks or there are obvious shelter, as if the face broken, seriously damage the appearance of the whole car image. Therefore, the safety requirements of the car windshield are very high.



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