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A place where car glass is easily overlooked

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In fact, we may pay more attention to the direction of the whole large glass of car glass. We think that it may be very expensive if it is broken, but this is not the case. There is a small triangular window next to the car glass side window that is worth us. I’ve come to pay attention to a place, why do you say so? The following editor will give you a general introduction to its great role.

The first point is that this triangular window can be seen on ordinary cars. When we roll the window, it will not drop. Using the triangle principle has a stable effect. Of course, sports cars don’t have it because of the design. The style is also very different from the current models.

The second point is to spread the field of vision, because this triangle is a blind zone. If transparency is not used, it is easy to cause the driver to not see the vehicle behind, causing certain accidents.

The third point is to increase the strength of a structure of the vehicle, not only for aesthetics, but also for more stable management of the safety performance of the windows of the vehicle.

The last thing I want to tell people is that you can’t film the triangular window, because this will make the car behind you can’t see clearly, and you can’t easily damage it. It may be several times the price of a large window to make up for this small window. 


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