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A whole new understanding of car Windows

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A lot of people must know that the quality of the window is certainly good or bad, but when you buy it is installed in advance, want to change is also possible but may consume more, the glass of the window is not the true meaning of the glass, so a lot of people will ask what is the glass?

Because people usually say that the glass is simply too common, for long-term driving staff will say this glass is undoubtedly a great harm!

With the development of automobile glass in modern times, people are more and more eager for the glass that can better block the sunlight and does not obstruct the vision, because it can greatly improve the comfort of the eyes.

But for the car glass side window, we hope to reduce its transparency, so that the privacy of the car will not leak out.

Then female customers may have a higher requirement, women are beautiful, so can prevent ultraviolet, infrared glass must be better.

And most of that performance is concentrated in the windshield!

In the sandwich of the glass to add the role of heat insulation energy saving, so that the sun into the car, the heat can be reduced!

Improve step by step, better increase the performance of automotive glass.

Satisfy the consumers on your idea, do you think that these is enough, no, not enough, since we have to do the best, will be given more fine fine details, in the process of driving, there may be some traffic accident for the glass of one's ability to withstand the impact we want to do my best, to shatter will hurt people,

And our design of toughened glass even when encountered problems, but also to maintain a resistance to pressure.

A car for the appearance of the requirements must be combined with the glass process, the modern glass curved surface has replaced the previous flat glass, because of the development of technology, so that the emergence of these new windshield, but also favored by everyone!


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