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The energy crisis is a problem that is highly valued in the world today. From an energy-saving point of view, automakers demand that glass be lightweight and have a high level of insulation, in addition to reducing aerodynamic forces. Safety and high value are also the technical focus of automotive glass, and hThe following is a brief introduction to the development direction ofow to give new value to automotive glass is becoming a hot spot for innovation.

Automotive glass technology

Since March 1, 2006, Shandong, China has used automotive glass blasting anti-theft technology to add an “anti-theft lock” to motor vehicles. Because the vehicle's license plate number and frame number cannot be destroyed once it is sprayed, once the vehicle is stolen, all the sprayed glass must be replaced, which brings great difficulties to criminals in terms of time, crime conditions and economy. The squirting uses special emery and special letters, which are generally not copied by the theft group, and the cost of this blasting technique is low.

Plasticization of window glass is another important development trend. The main purpose of window glass plasticization is to save energy and protect occupant safety. At present, composite glass with plastic film sandwiched between them has been widely used in high-end cars. In the United States, a 20 μm thick polyurethane film is attached to the inside of the three-layer safety car glass to protect the occupants from being scratched by glass fragments when the car is bumped. This structure has been widely recognized. Hard glass is used in the window glass of American buses.

Bayer is introducing a new type of polycarbonate sheet to replace automotive glass, which can be scratched by a layer of 8 μm thick translucent coating. Its great advantage is its light weight and resistance to chipping. The current effort is to reduce the cost of non-glass materials and increase its torsional stiffness.

At present, the Swiss engineering expert Esoro has designed a concept car that can be automatically unfolded and retracted. The entire hood is made of a full Bayer transparent polycarbonate, and the material becomes opaque at the push of a button. It allows the person in the car to avoid the curious look.

GE's wrap-around car window glass takes design to a new level, giving drivers and passengers a 360° view, and it also has excellent impact resistance. LEXAN GLX Plexiglas are an integral part of a complex roof shape in a panoramic roof system that is not available with ordinary glass materials. In addition, GE's design allows multiple components to be integrated more easily with the window system to reduce costs. Compared to typical glass and metal window systems, the LEXAN resin window glass system can reduce body weight by up to 50%. It also helps to reduce the center of gravity of the car to maintain better stability.

In addition, more and more cars are equipped with awnings, and car manufacturers are introducing larger awnings, glass roofing and all-glass roof systems into automotive products. It is estimated that by 2010, the world's roof sunshades will exceed 110 million square feet. Automotive window glass technology is rapidly developing.


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