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Advantages of modern transformation of automobile glass side windows

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Automobile glass side windows are also indispensable accessories for automobiles. According to the continuous development of the times, they have extended to visual comfort and the exchange of air inside and outside the car. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a new type of automobile glass side windows, which can make the sliding glass in the fixed glass Sliding on the inside of the window, a sealing strip will be added to the window to seal it to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the car.

The following is a main introduction to the advantages of automobile glass side windows. The more practical technical solutions are as follows:

First, it is very convenient to use. Sliding windows of ordinary materials are prone to rattles. This is mainly caused by the problems of sliding rails and pulleys. This is mainly based on physical principles and when the hardness of the material is not very high. There will be friction, and it will be prone to stuttering over time.

The second is because of the good sealing. When people are sitting by the window in the car, there will be no air leakage. The edges will be sealed with a sealing strip with good sealing, which effectively avoids air leakage and rain leakage.

The third cleaning is very convenient. The window slots should be wiped with a damp cloth regularly to prevent dust from accumulating on the windows, so that there will be no jams.


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