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Attention to installation of aluminum alloy sliding window

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       Automotive aluminum alloy sliding windows are generally suitable for large buses and trains. With the development of modern windows, cars have begun to implement fully automatic switch design. Of course, automotive aluminum alloy sliding windows have both advantages and disadvantages.

       The disadvantage is that they can only be opened 50% and the air tightness is poor when they are closed, In recent years, some new technologies have been adopted to pull in the sliding window, which can fold the window in multiple layers. For this kind of push-pull windows also need to carry out certain daily maintenance and maintenance work, improve the performance at the same time also increase the life of the product.

       After the installation, the surface protective film should be torn off in time and cleaned, so as to make better use of it next time; Secondly, don't easily hang heavy objects on the hand of the window; The third point is that there will be a lot of stone particles in the track slot of the sliding window in the years, so it is necessary to keep the track clean in time


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