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Attention to the installation of sliding windows of electric vehicles

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        When installing combined doors and windows for electric vehicle sliding windows, attention should be paid to the reasonable setting of mid-straight and mid-range to ensure the overall rigidity of the splicing rods and doors and windows. The specifications and spacing of the connectors meet the requirements and should be tightly connected. The installation part of the sliding window sealing strip should be flat, not curled, or stretched, and the joint should be less than 1MM. The type of the sealing strip should match. Too large makes the pressure strip unable to press in, and too small will make the sealing strip easy to fall off , The glass and the fan body are not tight, there will be gaps.

      The installation position of the top is generally on the door and window sash, the periphery of the frame fan or the sealing bridge (wind block) to enhance the seal between the frame and the fan. Excessively large tops or high vertical hairs not only make assembly difficult, but also increase the movement resistance of doors and windows, especially the initial resistance of opening and the resistance of closing in place. The sliding window of the electric vehicle is considered to be too small in size, and the vertical top height is not enough to easily fall out of the groove, which greatly reduces the sealing performance of the (door) window. The tops need to be siliconized, and the tops with qualified quality have a straight surface, smooth base and vertical hairs. No bending, no pitting on the base plate. bubble. The vertical hair is firmly bonded to the base plate, and the density is uniform, and it is not easy to shed hair.


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