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Automobile production process

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The automobile has four major processes, stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly:

1. Stamping process:
Stamping is the first step in all processes. First, the steel plate is cut to a suitable size on the cutting machine. At this time, only punching, trimming and other actions are generally performed, and then the actual stamping and forming process is entered. Each work piece has a mold. As long as the various molds are installed on the punching machine tool, various work pieces can be punched out. The role of the mold is very large, and the quality of the mold directly determines the quality of the work piece.

2. Welding process:
The stamped body panels are partially heated or heated and pressurized at the same time to be joined together to form a body assembly. Spot welding is the most widely used in automobile body manufacturing. The quality of welding directly affects the stren

3. Painting process:
The coating has two important functions, the first is to prevent corrosion, and the second is to increase the appearance. The coating process is more complicated and the technical requirements are relatively high. The main processes are as follows: pre-paint pretreatment and primer, painting process, drying process, etc. The whole process requires a lot of chemical reagent treatment and precise process parameter control, and the requirements for paint materials and various processing equipment are very high. Therefore, the coating process is generally the technical secret of each company.

4. Final assembly process:
The final assembly is to assemble the body, engine, transmission, instrument panel, lamp, seat and other parts together. The level of the assembly process directly affects the performance of the car. We will see that the joints of some cars are more uniform, while the joints of some cars are not uniform. This is all related to the assembly process.

The combination unitization that emerged in the late 1990s, that is, the selection of modular assembly methods, has simplified the procedures on the final assembly production line, shortened the production line, and greatly reduced the cost. The general assembly workshop mainly has four modules, namely, front wall assembly module, instrument panel assembly module, car lamp assembly module, and chassis assembly module. After the assembly of each module and the assembly of each component, the entire vehicle can be rolled off the assembly line after inspection and adjustments such as wheel alignment and vehicle light horizon detection.


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