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The sunroof has gradually become the standard of medium and high-grade automobile. Whether a car has a sunroof or not has become one of the criteria for people to choose a car. What are the benefits of sunroof? What are the disadvantages? Let's get to know them together.

Some Benefits of Sunroof

1. Firstly, in high temperature weather, the temperature in the car will increase because of the sun exposure. We can turn on the air conditioner and open the sunroof at the same time. This can speed up the air circulation in the car and achieve the goal of rapid cooling.


The use of sunroofs can also save energy. In hot summer, when the car is exposed to the sun for an hour, the temperature in the car can easily reach about 70℃. Open the door and a heat wave will come. For many people, they choose to turn on the air conditioner immediately to reduce the temperature in the car. In fact, if you own a sunroof version of the car, just open the sunroof. The purpose of rapid ventilation and cooling can be achieved by extracting hot and dry air from the negative pressure formed on the roof of the vehicle during driving. This method is 2–3 times faster than using automobile air conditioning to cool down, and it also saves gasoline.


2. Automobile has a certain degree of closure. When the air quality inside the vehicle is not good, opening the sunroof can play a role in clearing the turbid gas inside the vehicle.


The automobile sunroof has changed the traditional ventilation form. The wind blows in to form a stream of air, which pumps out the turbid air in the carriage. When the car is running at high speed, the air flows quickly around the car. When the bus window opens, the dirty air in the car can be pumped out because of the different air pressure inside and outside the car. This achieves the purpose of ventilation, so that the car always keeps fresh air.


3. The most uncomfortable thing for the people on the bus is that the exhaust gas of the car gets into the car, which makes the traffic jam even more annoying. At this moment, skylights can play a major role. Opening car windows will not make the car dull because of tightness, but also prevent exhaust gas from entering the car.


4. If construction vehicle windows are opened in wet and cold weather, the fog can be effectively dispersed in the car.


When there is fog in the car, opening the sunroof can effectively disperse the fog in the car. Sunroof defogging is a fast defogging method. Especially in summer and autumn, there is much rain and high humidity. Drivers know that if the side windows of the car are closed during the driving process, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car will be increased, and the front windshield is easy to form fog. Although most cars are equipped with anti-fog devices, but the effect is not so obvious. Drivers only need to open the roof skylight, which can easily eliminate the fog of the front windshield and ensure driving safety. Using sunroof for ventilation, there is no need to worry about the dirty environment outside the car, nor about the rain being blown into the car.


Some Disadvantages of Sunroof

The advantages of using car sunroof are described above. So what are the disadvantages of using sunroof?


1. Car skylights should be regularly maintained and cleaned.

In spring, there will be a lot of sand deposits in the slides and crevices of the sunroof in the northern areas where the wind and sand are larger. If the sunroof is not cleaned regularly, the components of the sunroof will be worn out. It is necessary to regularly clean around the slideway to avoid sand deposition and prolong the service life of the sunroof sealing ring. Usually in use for 2 to 3 months, the sealant strip or slideway is cleaned with gauze with cleaning water, and a little oil or butter can be applied after cleaning.


Before opening the sunroof, attention should be paid to whether there are obstacles on the roof that hinder the operation of the glass panels. Sunroof panels are designed to insulate against heat and ultraviolet radiation. Clean them with soft cloth and detergent. Do not use viscous detergent.


2. Attention should be paid to water leakage prevention.

The biggest concern of using sunroofs is leaking rain and water. Correct use and maintenance of sunroofs can effectively avoid leakage. Before entering the rainy season, in addition to cleaning the sand and dust in the slides and seals, a little plastic protective agent or talc powder should be sprayed on the plastic parts such as seals. When parking, it's better not to expose to the sun again, in order to avoid the aging and deformation of the rubber strip on the car sunroof, and the sunroof may be damaged when ice bubbles fall.

3. Use sunroofs correctly.

In winter, after snow or car washing, sunroof glass and sealant frame may be frozen. If the sunroof is opened forcibly, it is easy to damage the sunroof motor and rubber sealant. The correct way is to open the sunroof after snow or wash the car and dry the remaining water on the edge.


It's best not to open the sunroof completely on extremely bumpy roads. Otherwise, the vibration between sunroof and slideway may be too large to cause deformation of relevant parts and even damage the motor. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to open sunroof when it rains or when cleaning vehicles.


Sunroofs are not only a very useful configuration, but also have good functionality. These sunroofs have advantages in cooling, improving comfort, atmosphere building and stamping resistance. Sunroofs will become more popular in the future. If you are interested, follow us to learn more about car.



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