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General automotive glass using silicon glass, of which the main components of silicon oxide content of more than 70%, the rest by sodium oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium and other components, made by floating process. During the production process, the material is heated to 1500 ℃ temperature melting, the solution through 1300 ℃ or so of the refining area pouring into the suspension groove (liquid tin), cooling to about 600 ℃, at this stage to form a particularly good quality parallel two-sided plane body (above the solution plane, below the liquid tin plane), The glass is then formed and cut into a specified size by cooling the area. The glass is then further processed into tempered glass (TSG) or laminated glass (LSG).

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Finished into the product of automotive glass, from the appearance of the view should be no obvious bubbles and scratches. In order to ensure the quality of automobile glass, the industry divides the automobile glass into class A and class B laminated glass, regional tempered glass and tempered glass, among which the safety performance of class A laminated glass is the highest. National standards stipulate that the front windshield glass must use class A laminated glass, class B laminated glass or regional tempered glass, they are in the certification Mark code is LA, LB, Z, certification mark using screen printing, sandblasting and other processes permanently marked in the bottom corner of the glass position, tempered glass code is T, It can only be used in locations other than the front windshield, while the LA, LB and Z logo glass can be used in all glass positions of the car.

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With the development of automotive glass technology, new windshield technology has emerged. For example, it can reduce the influence of sunlight on the car compartment and improve the level of comfort. At present, the widely used "green glass" is the use of reflective coating process or improve the composition of glass, only allow visible light in the sun into the compartment, blocking ultraviolet and infrared. At present, there is a kind of anti-infrared radiation Silver film glass, in multi-slice laminated glass to add silver-plated film, its infrared reflectivity is 48%. When sunlight passes through this seemingly ordinary glass, light and heat are reduced by 23%. This kind of glass actually also plays the role of heat insulation and energy saving, can relatively reduce the energy loss of air conditioning. In addition, the car windshield in the cold areas of the north is easy to atomization and freeze, a heated car glass can solve this problem. The glass makes a very small, almost invisible electric wire into a wavy shape on the plastic mucosa in laminated glass, connected to the circuit through a resistor. Window heating wire has a certain heating range, thermal power can reach 3-5 watts/square centimeter, play a role in anti-frost, anti-atomization, anti-icing.


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