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RV tourism is a new mode in travelling with RV used as carrier. The development of RV tourism is good. However, in the RV tourism, some problems are inevitable.

Water Leakage

In most cases, the failures in pressure relief valve are the main cause of water leakage. However, according to the law of thermal expansion and contraction, the volume of water increases after being heated. But the space in the water heater is limited. Hence,  water will overflow from the thermal response valve (TPR).


The solution to these leakage is simple. First, we can turn off the water heater and turn off the electric power. What’s more, we can choose to turn off the gas valve. Then, we should close the external connector and turn off the pump. Then, the next step is to turn on a faucet in the trailer. After cooling the water in the heater, what we need to do is to pull the thermal response valve lever carefully to let the water come out. When the water stops overflowing, we can close the thermal reaction valve. Finally, we need to turn off the tap and gradually restore the water pressure. After finishing all the things, we can turn on the water heater again. And we can find the leakage will be significantly improved. After opening the valve and the faucet again, the pressure above the tank in water heater will increase greatly. And after the water is heated and expands, it will squeeze the accumulation of air. Hence, the water will not overflow.

Failures in Brakes

It is also possible that the brakes will fail during long periods of driving. Brake failure may be caused by inadequate maintenance of the brake system or improper handling of the vehicle. This is a very serious and very dangerous failure, because the aura is often difficult to detect. And how to deal with it often depends on the immediate response.  

Once happened, we must try to use natural obstacles to force the car to stop and help us to escape from the car. To the addition, we can slow down the speed by tightening and release the handbrake several times. In cases that the brake malfunction appears when going up hill, we should maintain forward and low gear position. Also, we must pull tight hand to stop, and personnel in car should jam wheel with the article such as stones to prevent slippery hurriedly.

RV Windows

RV window greatly determines the comfort and safety of RV and the window is used for heat preservation, shading ventilation and other functions. Generally speaking, push-pull type window is not recommended because the size of RV is larger than the ordinary car and the space take up more space. Hence, opening push-pull type window may lead to collision. Many parts of RV need to be equipped with the window. Take the RV windows from the njtztechnology as an example, the RV windows from this brand are various and durable, which can fully meet our demand. 

The window is usually divided into front and back window, ventilation window, insulation window and sunshade window

The windscreens of cars are usually made of curved glass which is good for visual field and beauty.

In order to facilitate natural ventilation, some cars have ventilation windows on the doors.

The insulation window is of tawney color or with insulation layer, which can help the heat preservation and it is also quiet comfort.

Sunshade window and other windows can prevent the sunlight so that passengers in the sunny season can also fully enjoy the bright sunshine and fresh air. Sunshade windows not only can increase indoor illuminance, but also be a kind of effective device for ventilation.


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