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Can car glass damage be corrected?

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Automobile glass is a kind of double-layer glued glass. When it is hit by external force, if the force is not enough to break it and only cracks occur, the glue layer in the center will be separated due to the effect of air and atmospheric pressure. If you continue to drive , The crack area will become larger and larger, which will affect the vision and driving safety. At this time, if you do car glass repair, it is a more ideal solution.

The repair of automobile glass is mainly to add liquid glue to the cracks and eliminate the gaps. The material used for the filling glass is a liquid gel with high transparency, which can be quickly condensed by ultraviolet heating, and the strength can reach more than 90% of the original glass. The construction process is not very messy. The main thing is a vacuum syringe with a similar needle tube structure. Its function is to extract the air from the glass wound and then fill it with a glass repair agent. After repeated pumping and pressing, at least 90% of the repaired space will be filled with replenishing fluid. At this time, use an ultraviolet lamp to irradiate up, down, left, and right for two minutes to let the repair fluid condense. After the machine is removed, there will be a small gap in the center of the wound. At this time, drop a higher concentration of repair agent, cover the glass sheet, and irradiate the same with an ultraviolet lamp after drying, then use a blade to smooth the surface and coat it. Apply polishing agent and polish with a cloth.

Generally, a circular wound will only leave a small circular mark or spider-like crack after the repair is completed; a long crack will only leave a vague line, and as long as it is in a reflective From the point of view, the traces of repair can be seen. Generally, what is seen is still a piece of good glass that is "seamless". And the strength of the repaired area can be ensured, and the strength of the hardened colloidal glass can reach more than 90% of the original glass.

Repairing cannot be done for any damage. Once the glass is cracked or broken into pieces, it cannot be corrected. And if the crack is too large, the repair cost may be on par with the replacement of a new piece of glass, and scars will be left. Therefore, it is best to choose the repair of automobile glass when there is a small damage, so as to save time and money.


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