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Car front glass maintenance skills

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The weather has changed a lot in recent days, and it is really maddening. Especially in rainy days, driving, road conditions and sight problems will seriously affect driving safety. How to maintain the front glass of a car? Everyone may wish to pay more attention to it!

1. Regularly replace the wiper to avoid scratching the glass and causing poor vision.
2. The wiper water can't put detergent with strong decontamination, otherwise it will corrode the sheet metal and block the spray hole.
3. The cracks caused by the impact of the front windshield by the stone can be repaired. It is not necessary to replace it, but it must be dealt with as soon as possible. Before entering the factory, the cracks must be pasted up with transparent tape to prevent water seepage. The repair method is a real work, and it must be repaired by mechanical vacuuming so that it will not crack again, so it needs to be handled by a professional maintenance factory.
4. Glass scratches need to be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise, if you are driving at night, if you are illuminated by the lights of the coming car, it will produce glare, and it will be more dangerous if you can't see the road conditions.
5. The oil film on the windshield is not clean with a wiper and needs to be grinded with a special agent. Do not rub it with vegetable cloth or other rough objects to avoid more scratches.


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