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Car glass should also pay attention to maintenance

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When it comes to car maintenance, it's actually a common topic. Take the maintenance of car glass, for example, if you don’t know the 5-step maintenance method, it is not good for car glass.
  1: Removal of dust It is necessary to remove dust and dirt from car glass. The car glass is the same as the car body. Many car owners don't care, and think that if there is any foreign matter on the car glass, it can be scraped off with a ruler or a scraper, but such behavior is wrong. We should wipe with a damp cloth and wait until most of the stains are wiped off before proceeding to the next step.
  2: Choose a good glass water. Many car owners do not know that glass water can be used for glass finishing, or even that there is such a thing as glass water. However, glass water has a very good effect on finishing glass. It can not only remove stains on the glass, but also make the glass brighter. However, we must choose good glass water, and not use defective glass water.
3: Defogging heating should be moderate In order to meet different weather conditions, such as rainy and foggy days, many cars will be equipped with some defogging heating functions in order to facilitate the subsequent driving of the car owner, but these functions need to be used appropriately. Many people think that car glass defogging and heating can be used for as long as it takes, but this is not the case. If the defogging and heating functions are used for too long, it is very easy to cause the car glass to burst. So when we use these functions, Lanjiao keeps it at a moderate time. Generally, about ten minutes is enough for a family car.
  4: Beware of opening and closing the new glass. We take care of the items we cherish, and this is the same with car glass. Many car owners don't cherish the new car. After getting the new car, the car glass is opened, but this is not good behavior and is not conducive to the running-in of the new motor of the car glass. Step 5: Replace parts regularly. The parts around the car window glass also have a life-span, such as the rubber strips around the car glass. These rubber strips were originally used to prevent water infiltration, but if the time is long, It will also be worn. So we should replace parts in time to avoid external factors causing damage to the interior of the car.



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