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Car maintenance knowledge in rainy days

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Clean in time
In heavy rain weather, the car should be cleaned in time after returning, otherwise it may cause sludge to accumulate in the open space under the vehicle. This is the place where moisture can hide, and it is also the place most likely to cause rust.

Paint protection
The acidic components in the rainwater have a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface of the car, and it will harm the paint surface of the car overnight. Therefore, it is best to give the car a paint finish in the rainy season. The easiest is to wax, and the more durable and useful is to seal the glaze. Regardless of the method, put on an invisible protective coat for the car to avoid fading and aging of the paint.

Chassis maintenance
The chassis is the closest part to the ground, which is particularly severely affected by road conditions. Generally, this part is the most prone to rust and spots, and the wheel shell may also be loose and perforated. Therefore, we must pay attention to the cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the car chassis and do a chassis anti-rust treatment. The anti-rust effect can last for 3 months. After finishing the anti-rust maintenance, be careful not to wash the body and chassis with alkaline cleaning fluid, which will affect the anti-rust effect and shorten the anti-rust time.
Ignition initiated
On rainy days, car owners often encounter the defect that the launcher is not easy to launch, and sometimes even if launched, it is exhausted. Perhaps the biggest defect of this kind is the leakage of the ignition system due to wetting. In addition, it may be that when it rains, the climate becomes cooler, and the hot air enclosed in the distribution panel may condense into water droplets to form a small flood inside the distribution panel, thus losing the normal ignition function.
Once it is found that poor ignition is caused by the wetting of the ignition system and the function of the initiator is reduced, it is best to use a dry paper towel or dry cloth to dry the surface of the distributor panel and the wires, and then use a special monotonic spray can Spray the monotonous agent on the distributor cover, battery connector, spark plug, high-voltage line and ignition coil, etc., and then you can start the engine after a while.

Brake water removal
The vast majority of automobile brake systems are dual-pipe vacuum-assisted hydraulic brakes. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the brake fluid that transmits the braking force has strong water absorption. Assuming that water enters the brake fluid, during the braking process, the high temperature caused by the trigger action will vaporize the water. The gas is compressible, and when it is compressed in the brake fluid, it will cause brake failure or even failure. When there is a lot of rain, the humidity of the air will become larger and larger. If the brake fluid has a small amount of moisture before the arrival of the dry season, it will be very dangerous. In some vehicles with severe water absorption of brake fluid, water droplets can be seen on the cover of the brake fluid oil cup. Therefore, the brake fluid must be checked during maintenance to ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers.

Wiper maintenance
The increase in rain will inevitably make the wiper take more responsibility, because the road surface and the horizon of the rainy day will hinder the driving. Assuming that the wiper can not wipe off the rain, it will bring great danger to your driving safety. At this time, the wiper plays the most important role. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of it must be done more carefully.

Turn on the air conditioner frequently
In terms of indoor damp proofing, cooling on is the best method. Even if the climate is cold, you only need to set the temperature. Turning on the cooling together will not reduce the effect of heating, but can add dehumidification. When the weather clears, park the car in the sun and open the four-door windows to allow the indoor air to circulate. The heated car body will quickly sweep away the accumulated water vapor.
When you don’t use the car, the monotonic agent is a good helper to replace the air conditioner dehumidification. The air freshener also has many advantages and saves electricity. Two batteries can be used for a long time without interruption. With these two things, you are no longer afraid of opening the door. The damp and muddy air rushed forward.

Acoustic avoidance
When the dry season comes, the humidity increases, and there is often a layer of fog on the surface of CD records, which will cause drowsiness in reading. It is best to scrub every once in a while. In order to avoid moisture when installing the CD drive, do not install it under the floor or seat. It is best to install it at the height of the car body, but do not install it at the rear windshield glass. Excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of electronic components and laser heads. In addition, in order to prevent the sound from being wet, a small dehumidification box can be placed in the trunk to ensure that it will not tip over when driving, and the trunk needs to be opened for inspection at regular intervals.


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