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Common faults and maintenance of automobile glass side windows

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1. The reason for the unsmooth action of the electric switch window is mostly that the oil in the elevator inside the door is exhausted, and the inner cover should be removed and added.

2. If the glass cannot move at all, it may be a switch failure. If it is a failure of the switch, it can only be replaced.

3. If the electronic device does not operate, it is common sense to check the fuse. Check carefully which fuse is for power windows.

4. When the action of the switch becomes worse and the windows cannot be opened smoothly, the possibility of failure of the switch is high.

5. Before refueling the internal mechanical devices, first remove the inner cover. Just remove the concealed screws and the snap-action switch.

6. Remove the inner cover and peel off the waterproof plastic paper below to expose the lifting mechanism of the car window.

7. Spray grease on the arm fulcrum and the inside of the gear. While moving up and down, while spraying, very small parts can be painted.

8. The sliding parts supporting both ends of the glass also need to be checked. When the sliding condition between the glass and the heat conduction is poor, a brightener can be applied.

9. In order to make the glass slide smoothly, it is important to minimize the resistance. The staining of the glass will also become resistance, and the car windows should be kept clean.


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