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Cars are the vehicles we use frequently. It is convenient for us to travel. It will inevitably cause various problems when the car is used for a long time. This article teaches you how to identify car faults and how to solve them.

1.The exhaust pipe emits black smoke

Black smoke from the exhaust pipe indicates that the mixture is too rich and the combustion is not complete. The main reason is that the automobile engine is overloaded, the cylinder pressure is insufficient, the engine temperature is too low, the carburetor is improperly adjusted, and the air filter plug is blocked.

We should promptly check whether the choke is fully open and repair if necessary. After the flameout, look at the main nozzle from the carburetor port. If there is oil injection or dripping, tighten or replace the main orifice; if the air filter is clogged, It should be cleaned, dredged or replaced.

2. The engine is loud

If the road surface has obstacles and forcibly passes, the engine bottom guard is bumped. After the bottom guard is deformed, the distance from the engine oil sump becomes closer. When the oil sump collides with the bottom guard when accelerating, an abnormal sound is emitted and the vehicle body vibrates. Therefore, you must carefully observe the road surface during driving, and do not cause the bottoming phenomenon to occur. The solution is to remove the bottom guard and level the correction.

3. The steering wheel position is difficult to control

This is due to the complete destruction of the rubber stop block fixed in the groove of the steering gear. After the new limit block is installed, the fault completely disappears.

4. Some jitter when loosening the clutch

This indicates that the clutch fork, the split bearing, the pressure plate and the friction plate are severely worn. There are only two reasons: one is that there is a problem with the positioning between the transmission shafts, which causes the shafts to be non-parallel; the other is that the gap between the shafts is too large.

5. Moisture when changing oil

The engine has two major circulation systems, one is the coolant circulation system, and the other is the lubrication circulation system. The two systems are not connected to each other. If there is oil in the water or water in the oil, there is a problem with one of the two circulatory systems.

6. The lifting speed of the window is different

This is generally due to the fact that some sand dust has entered the glass lifting track, which increases the frictional resistance between the glass and the groove. This is not a big problem, as long as the corresponding cleaning can solve the problem.

7. The windshield is not clean when it is raining

When you start the wiper when it rains, you find that the wiper will leave a mark of unevenness on the glass surface, which indicates that the wiper blade has hardened. As long as the wiper is replaced, it should be noted that the installation method and length of the wiper are different depending on the model and year.

8. The engine temperature is suddenly too high during operation

If the car's temperature gauge indicates a position that quickly reaches 100 °C during operation, it indicates that the engine's mechanical system has failed. Most of the causes of such failures are serious water leakage in the cooling system; the cylinder liner of the water jacket and the cylinder is damaged; the fan clutch is not working properly. You can ask a professional repairman to solve this problem for you.

9. The vehicle appears to be shaking when driving at high speed

When the vehicle is driving normally to about 96km/h, the whole vehicle will be shaken, and the speed will not be shaken when the speed is reduced. The cause of the malfunction is that the tire dynamic balance is out of alignment and the transmission is loose. Inaccurate tire balance causes the wheels to pulsate while rolling, which is the main cause of vehicle shake.

10. Glass scratches

When the vehicle is driving daily, it often encounters the friction of stones and branches, and it often leaves scratches on the car windows, which affects the beauty and safety of the car. You can use a toothpaste or a glass repair agent for scratch repair. If you are not an expert, it is best to find a car repair shop.


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