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Daily maintenance method of automobile glass

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1.sort out the dirt
  Because of the hot summer, many people park their cars under big trees. As a result, a lot of sticky glue-like dirt will fall on the car glass. Many people will make mistakes when cleaning up the dirt. They will use shovel and other sturdy tools to scrape off, but they obviously do not work well and cause the glass to be scratched. What should I do? We can first soak in water for about ten minutes, and then use a damp cloth to clean it up to ensure that the glass will not be scratched. As for other dirt, it can be solved by flushing with water.
2. Use of glass water
   Many cars now have an active front windshield cleaning function, so the selection and use of glass water is also very important. When choosing glass water, you must choose a regular manufacturer. Although some low-quality glass water will not see any damage for a while, it will make the windshield very dark after a long time. So, let’s Also be steady.

3.defogging heating must grasp the moment
   Defogging is due to the fog in the car obstructing the view. Heating mainly occurs in winter. Due to cold weather and frosting of the glass, heating is required. So, when we defogging and heating, we usually control the time to about 10 minutes, some family cars are less than 10 minutes. If this time is exceeded, it is likely to cause the heated glass to burst, and the gain will outweigh the loss. This moment must be grasped well.
4.  the new glass should be opened carefully
Because car glass sometimes breaks naturally due to service life, or other reasons cause the windshield to break, if repairs are not possible, many car users will choose to replace with new glass, I think, replace the car with new glass , Do not wash the car within 3 days, because the car wash will inevitably touch the glass, resulting in weak adhesion between the glass and the body. Also, do not drive on undulating roads, as the undulations will also cause weak bonding.
5. Timed replacement parts
  People who know cars may know why water can't get in around the glass because there are rubber strips. This strip not only plays a role in fixing the glass, but also has a strong waterproof function. We need to maintain the rubber strips regularly, and replace them when necessary to prevent the rubber strips from being old and leaking. In addition, if the rubber strip does not adhere to the glass well, the glass may become loose and abnormal noises may occur over fluctuating roads.


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