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Daily maintenance of various guard boxes

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The daily maintenance of the sentry box needs to be managed by a special person. Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the service life of the sentry box. Shenghe sentry box introduces the following points for your reference:

1. Prepare rags, plastic buckets (for water), glass brushes, feather dusters, brooms, mops, and other tools, as well as detergent.

2. Clean the guard box according to the procedures from top to bottom and from inside to outside.

3. Use a feather duster to sweep away the dust and cobwebs on the wall, and then sweep away the dust on the tables and chairs.

4. Clean the floor with a broom, wipe the desks and chairs on duty with a damp cloth, wash the cloth, and then touch the doors, windows and the outer walls of the guard box.

5. Wipe tables, chairs, doors, windows, and glass once with the courage to touch.

6. Mop the floor and aisles with a clean mop.

7. If there are other office equipment in the sentry box, clean at the same time.

8. If there are stains, pour a little detergent and wipe with a rag.

9. There is no dust, no stains, no cigarette butts, no sundries, and the windows and doors are transparent.

10. Keep the guard box clean once a day.


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