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Escape smashing glass is the first choice for car glass side windows

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When a vehicle falls into the water and chooses to smash the window to escape, should one choose to smash the side window, sunroof or windshield? A number of vehicle maintenance personnel said that escape from the side window is the first choice.

Generally speaking, the front windshield of a car is much stronger than the rear windshield and side window glass. The front windshield of a vehicle is the strongest of the car glass, usually double-layer laminated, which is difficult to open. In the design of automobiles, due to the need to meet the huge pressure from the front while driving and resist the small stones that may be splashed during the high-speed driving of the vehicle, the front windshield of the vehicle requires the highest glass material or thickness. Moreover, the front windshield has the function of preventing a large area of glass from falling off and hurting the driver and passengers due to a violent collision in a traffic accident. Therefore, the front windshield must be broken in a short time and there must be a large enough area for people. Getting out of the hole is almost impossible. The side window glass is thinner than the front and rear windshields and is more likely to break. Most of the explosion-proof film is also attached to the windshield, making it more difficult to break.

Industry insiders told reporters that when smashing the car glass, you must choose the side window glass. It is relatively easy to smash the side window glass of the cab.

Some car owners think it is more convenient to open the sunroof to climb out than to break the glass. In fact, if the sunroof can be opened, it means that the car still has electricity and the circuit in the car can still work, so the side window glass can probably be lowered at this time. In addition, if there are many people in the car, climbing out from the side windows of the nearest neighbors will save more time than climbing out from the sunroof one by one.


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