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Exchange and repair of automobile glass

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There are two types of automotive glass: one is laminated glass and the other is tempered glass. Laminated glass is a layer of PVB film in the center of two layers of glass, which will not be completely broken when it is broken. Even if there is a severe impact, the glass will not fall off, and the relative groupness will still be maintained, there will be no fragments splashing, and there will be no harm to personal tranquility. Therefore, laminated glass is mainly applied to the front windshield glass of automobiles. After being damaged, toughened glass will quickly spread into countless small particles, and it is easy to show signs of shedding, which can facilitate escape in times of emergency. Therefore, toughened glass is widely used in rear windshields and door and window glass.
The scope of use of glass repair
Auto glass repair is only for laminated glass, which is also the front windshield glass. The toughened glass will be damaged once it is subjected to external force, so it cannot be repaired.

1 Under what circumstances can it be repaired? Under what circumstances can only be exchanged?
In the same normal environment, the damage to the front windshield glass comes from the impact of small stones when driving at high speed. After the impact, the position where the stone and the glass fight will cause the glass to form a damage point similar to a bull's eye due to the impact. At this time, it is necessary to accept the corresponding steps as soon as possible to deal with the punishment, to prevent the cracks from expanding, and ultimately lead to irreparable. If the diameter of the damage point is within 3CM and there are no long cracks, it can usually be repaired. Otherwise, it is necessary to replace the whole piece of glass. Of course, whether it can be repaired or not requires a professional glass repairer to make decisive actions based on the actual environment.
2Can glass scratches be repaired?
It is also a more common environment for car glass to be scratched unconsciously. Whether it can be repaired or not depends on the location and depth of the scratch to make a decision. Similarly, usually car windows and rear windshield glass can be repaired by polishing, but for the front windshield glass scratches, it must be divided into two environments to decide:
1. Not in the main viewing area. If the scratch is not in the main field of view, it can be polished with glass abrasive paste and special pneumatic tools. If it is a hard or deep scratch, it cannot be repaired.
2. In the main viewing area. If it is in the main field of view, polishing is usually not initiated, unless it is a very light scratch. As the curvature and thickness of the polished glass produce insignificant changes, it is easy to produce signs of light distortion, and drivers are prone to dizziness when driving, which affects tranquility.。

If it has been determined that it can be repaired, what measures should be used to repair it?
1. Use a glass electric drill to break through the glass. When punching the eye, you must control the intensity and be careful not to enlarge the damage point. (No need to remove the glass when repairing)
2. Pour the repairing resin into the repairing tool. Now the damaged parts on the laminated glass can be repaired by the resin.
3. Use the suction cup to fix the repaired object firmly and aim at the damage point of the glass. Use the vacuum effect of the object to first extract the atmosphere of the scum inside the damage point, and then apply pressure to inject the resin in the repaired object into the glass damage Point within.
4. Use a lighter to heat to accelerate the rate of repairing resin activity.
5. Wait for a few minutes after heating, remove the repaired material, then use a transparent plastic film to block the repaired part, and use an ultraviolet light to quickly cure the repairing resin.
6. After the resin has agglomerated, remove the ultraviolet light and tear off the transparent plastic film. Use a wallpaper blade to gently scrape off the resin remaining on the glass. After leveling it, repair the front windshield glass is complete.


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