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Formation of anti-fog film on automobile glass

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Automobile glass anti-fog film adopts electron beam evaporation technology to coat high-melting nickel-cadmium alloy under low-temperature vacuum state or uses magnetron sputtering technology to sputter ceramic fine particles to the PET substrate at high speed. The anti-fog coating PET contains It has super-hydrophilic nano-materials that dissociate the adsorbed water on the glass to form small water droplets. Due to the good hydrophilicity of the anti-fog coating PET, it will be completely wetted and spread when water contacts the membrane surface, that is, when the water absorption limit is reached (Saturated state), a thin transparent water film layer is formed to reduce the contact angle between the film and water (the angle is less than 7 degrees, and the production technology is world-leading), so that the surface tension of the film and the surface tension of water are completely close, and the water cannot It is attached to the surface of the film to achieve the purpose of anti-fogging. The automobile glass will naturally not fog, thus ensuring a clear vision of the automobile glass.


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