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International movie star, Jackie Chan, said in an interview in the year that an accidental attempt in a film found that viewers particularly liked the picture of a broken glass impact. So there were a lot of these shots in later movies.

I do not know Watchman like the glass broken to the ground, anyway, whether you like it or not, I can only regret to tell you that our glass here is very difficult to break, because, this is produced from Nanjing, China glass products. The emergence of glass products, as early as the 3700, with the progress of the Times and the development of glass products appear in all aspects of life, dressing mirrors, glasses, building windows, mirror and so on. Of course, in addition to living glass products and the transportation industry is more closely linked. Bus doors, windows, school buses, touring motorhomes, train Windows.



Transparent through a fan, we can also look at the outside world, through these doors and windows, we can find a gap in the crowded and small indoor, so that nowhere to put the soul to find a habitat. Perhaps you will feel that you are in a strange world, no one, in fact, is not, there is always someone to accompany you, crying tired, there will always be people who care about you, there will always be someone to remember your scolding, fresh clothes angry horse, there will be someone to record your laughter sad worry. Perhaps it was a passer-by in a hurry, and a small glass screen on the side of the hand. You laugh at him also laugh, you cry it he also cries, don't say no wonder, this is you are your own world.

 Perhaps you will feel a little out of touch with reality, but life is not so?Do you remember the bus, accompanied by the fog you painted the danqing wonderful pen; Remember, on the gallop of high-speed rail, you peep down the window of the next girl, whether you remember the RV, you pillow on the river star Dream.

 Of course, we will be ourselves, the means of transport of glass products, higher is the quality and safety performance. May always seek to find, ask not, that is better to slow down your footsteps, a little stay down, perhaps this is a glance of thousands of million. The joy and laughter that children carry through the window of the car, we depict; walking hurried travelers, reflected in the window of the back, tired, hope, we depict.



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