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During winter or rainy days, the window is very easy to pan up a layer of fog. Except for car window, bus window, RV window and train window are all affected, too. But the car window is more typical. In this passage we will introduce how to deal with fogging of car windows. The door windows are acceptable but the fog on the front and back windshield will affect field of vision which will affect traffic safety.


In order to deal with fogging of car windows, we should know the reason why there will be fog on the car windows. Rise mist is the performance that the vapor in air encounters cold liquefaction actually, once inside and outside temperature differs bigger so, plus the vapor in air increases, in glass that encounters cold to be able to drive water mist in glass water.


1. Wipe with Towel and Dry Cloth

This is the most direct, vertical pole effect, but driving while distracted to clean the glass, more or less affect the safety, and often is finished soon after the water mist. 

2. Open the Window for Ventilation

Open the window, and let the air inside and outside the car convect effectively. If the temperature difference is gone, there will be no fog. If you are worried that rain will pour into the car, you can install rain shield.

3. Apply Dishwashing Liquid

This is to do prevention in advance. Choose a day with good weather and mix dishwashing liquid with water (1:6). Apply the mixture to the glass of the car with a sponge, and wipe the car with the car towel after dry, leaving no marks. Generally, it can maintain the appearance for about 10 days. Some people say that using dishwashing liquid will hurt the glass, but there is no relevant data, so you can decide to use method or not.

4. Glass Mist Remover

This is easy to use. Spray, and it will form a protective film on the glass surface which can prevent the formation of mist, and the protective film can be maintained for about a week.

5. Blow It with Hot Wind

Use hot air to blow directly, but this method is relatively slow to work, and when the car just opened the hot air in the middle of the road, the fog on the front of the glass is increasing, and you need to wait for ten minutes before the glass gradually become clear. It is recommended to turn on the hot air immediately after start the car. At the beginning, blow with high temperature which is above 25℃, and then slowly lower the temperature after the fog disappears, and control the temperature at about 22℃.

6. Blow It with Cold Wind

Open the external circulation, open the cold air, and turn on the defogging switch when the windshield is above 2 gear. The defogging effect is better, but it is not very comfortable to use in winter.

7. Turn on The Air Conditioner

There are many people who use air conditioner to remove mist. The method is convenient and get effective fast, nevertheless, oil consumes affirmation to be able to raise a lot after long time use It is not very comfortable to use in winter. You can adjust the temperature higher.

8. Combination

For example, air conditioning + external circulation + maximum windshield + maximum temperature + wind direction to the glass, I believe you can soon see the effect of fog removal. 

Summary: The five ways from the second way to the seventh way are used in the process of using the car method, each has advantages and disadvantages, as for the choice of which depends on everyone's own preferences and habits.


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