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1. Why is the weight of your horse trailer so important?

The weight of the horse trailer can put a lot of pressure on the tow truck. Overweight trailers can affect the steering of the tractor, causing the brakes to fail, unsuitable trailers can even cause the tires, wheels and axles of the truck to fail.

When you transport horses on the road, it is very dangerous to have a failure. That's why it's so important to choose the right horse trailer weight.

2. Is your tongue weight effective?

The tongue weight is supported by the frame, axles, wheels and tires of the tractor. Each vehicle has a payload that can be supported so that its total weight (including the weight of the tractor) does not exceed its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

For example, we sent a car with a GVWR of 7,000 pounds and a load rating of 1,635 pounds. This weight needs to take into account the passengers’ weight in the truck, the supplies and the tongue weight of the horse trailer, probably including the weight of the horse trailer window.

If the truck has two passengers (300 lbs), some hay bales (200 lbs), and a 1,500 lb trailer, it is heavily overloaded and very unsafe.

3. How about the hook of your car?

Checking the rating of the vehicle's hooks is critical. Check the hooks for two stickers. One for the ball installation and the other for the connection itself. Make sure these two ratings are suitable to support your horse trailer. If your rating is not suitable, try re-adjusting the load. If it cannot be adjusted, please consider replacing the horse trailer or vehicle.

When looking for a secure vehicle and trailer match, make sure the vehicle is able to support the entire trailer. You should also consider the design of the trailer. If you place the horse on one end of the trailer instead of the other, your tongue weight will definitely increase.

4. How to weigh your horse trailer?

Take your horse trailer and truck to the roadside weighing station and find the weight of your horse trailer.

1) Bring the fully loaded trailer to the weighing station and position your vehicle so that all four tires are on the scale. All four tires of your truck should be on the scale and the trailer should not be on the scale. This value must be less than the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for safe traction.

2) Separate the vehicle from the trailer and weigh it separately. This weight is subtracted from the previous weight recorded in step 1. This is your tongue weight value, which should be less than the tongue weight on your hook and ball sticker.

3) Weigh the fully loaded trucks and trailers to find the total vehicle weight. This requires a lower gross combined vehicle weight rating (GCVWR) than the truck.

4) Weigh the fully loaded trailer separately to find the weight of the horse trailer. This needs to be within the towing range of your tow truck.


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