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When we carry a backpack, the journey of clothing, food, housing, travel can contain a wonderful picture. In a short time, whether we can catch the passing by scene depends on whether we can timely grasp. So how can we get good photos on the train. Here are some tips.

Find A Good Location for Photography

Unless you are photographing the car, you must choose a window seat. It is better to have a large glass window that can be opened at the same time to facilitate shooting. If the train window is clean and bright, it will be perfect. The train window from njtztechnology is very transparent and impurity free, which makes it easier to catch beautiful scenery. If you are interested in the train window, please click  to learn about the details.

For easy pickups and equipment placement on the train, I usually choose the lower berth of the sleeper. Note that no matter what position you choose, don't stick your body and camera out of the window for the photo to avoid danger.

Camera Exposure Mode: Shutter, Aperture and ISO Settings

It is known to all that the train will be bumpy. If we want to take a good picture in the carriage, the first thing is to solve the clarity of the problem. Setting up a tripod on the train is a little exaggerated, and when the train is moving, the tripod is not stable. Therefore, we can get it by setting the exposure mode of the camera. As for the shutter, because the train is moving, the shutter priority mode is used to get a clear picture. The average speed of shutter to shoot a normal car needs to be faster than 1/500. Taking pictures of fast cars often requires 1/1000 of a second or even faster. What’s more, there are also requirements on apertures and ISO. Because most of the car has been moving, so the use of large aperture is not much. Generally, the aperture is fixed in f8-11. In good light conditions in the daytime ISO is set 500-1000. Use manual focus mode. The aperture and ISO settings are generally the same, and then adjust the shutter speed according to the situation to ensure a clear picture. At the same time the window glass will reflect light, we can avoid this by letting the lens close to the glass.

What to Shoot

1. The scenery outside the car window.

The car is always moving forward, even if the best scenery will speed past. So to put your eyes on the far point, the camera in the ready state to shoot, wait for the car to drive to the appropriate distance, then press the shutter.

2. Inside the train. You can shoot picture about the interesting life on the train and commemorate the life.

3. Some trains will stop. Get out of the car, and sometimes you'll find a more appropriate photo outside the car. But remember to go back in time.

Finally, everyone should keep safety in remind. The railway is a crowded place, we should comply with the rules and respect others when we take photos. In order not to affect the public, do not affect the train operation, do not affect safety, do not enter the forbidden zone, do not take photos under the sign as the premise, do a civilized photographer with quality.


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