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The high temperature for several days has made people feel like they are getting sunburned under the scorching sun. So, everyone started a cooling mobilization for the summer heat, blowing air conditioners, eating cold drinks, swimming and other ways. In hot days, the caravan is also like a steamer, which is boring and hot, and the car is hotter than the home because of its own materials and habits. How should the RV cool down? Today we will talk about how to cool down the RV in the hot summer.

1. Check Before Using RV

Many factors will affect the cooling of the RV. Before using the RV, we should check it carefully. Check the RV roof seal and seams, the tire, the RV battery, the waste water system, and the RV brakes. Clean the RV slip and seal, replace the fuel, coolant and hydraulic filters in the RV, and keep the RV awning clean. Last but not the least, ensure proper electrical connection from the RV to the tractor.

2. Find A Cool Place to Park

This is the easiest way. On a hot day, you can ask for a cool camp when you book a camp, which will keep your car cool and improve the efficiency of RV refrigerators and air conditioners.

3. Open RV Window to Cool Down.

Open the RV window and use the air convection between the windows to cool down, while we can also feel the beauty of natural scenery. Because most of the RVs are used outdoors, even in the summer, the outdoor air is not as hot as in the city, so the effect of window cooling is very significant. Remember to close the RV window gauze at the same time you open the window, otherwise the mosquitoes that fly in during the night will let you pay the price. If you are interested in good RV windows, please click to learn about the details.

4. Exhaust to Cool Down

According to the principle of hot air rises while cold air drops, the hot air in the car is mostly concentrated on the top of the car. When the car is sultry, the exhaust fan at the top of the car will open and the temperature inside the car will drop a lot in a short time. The effect is particularly noticeable in a car that has been exposed for a day. If there are more than two exhaust fans in the car, turning off one of the exhaust fan blades produces better convection. The disadvantage of the exhaust fan is that if you forget to turn off the exhaust fan when you go out, if it happens to rain, there may be water in the car.

5. Use Electric Fan

In some American large-scale RVs, ceiling fans are installed, so we only need to turn it on. If the RV does not have this configuration, you can connect a fan to the power port. The electric fan can not only accelerate the air circulation inside the car, but also the wind blown by the fan is softer than the cool air of the air conditioner, so it is still very popular. Although the cooling effect of the fan is general, it can be cooler when combined with other cooling methods.

6. Turn on Air Conditioning

The RV is basically equipped with modern equipment such as air conditioning, so that we can enjoy the cool feeling of high technology outdoors, and the cooling effect is unparalleled. However, air conditioning power consumption is not small, and car air conditioning can only use 220V power supply, some US imported RV is 120V power supply. However, most of the outdoor power comes from generators (car 12V, home 220V), so don't forget to save energy while using air conditioner outdoors. What’s more, air conditioning, especially the overhead air conditioner in the wild, the noise is very large at night.


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