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We all know that the glass used in automobiles nowadays is toughened glass. It can withstand the strong impact caused by the bump of the car and is intact. This ensures clear driving vision and occupant safety. Although automotive glass is toughened glass, it can be divided into three categories according to the different safety requirements and toughening degree of different locations.


Different Types of Car Windows

Toughened glass

Simply speaking, toughened glass is produced after the original glass is heated, blown cold air and other technological processes. The toughened glass not only increases the strength, but also changes the internal structure. When the glass is broken by destructive external force, it will not form a sharp edge and break into many small pieces of corn grain size. Technically, the size of these fragments is required, such as corn kernels, which can not be too large or too small. Too big will form sharp edges and corners, which will not play a role in safety protection. Too small will form powder, which may hurt the eyes of passengers.


Regional toughened glass

Generally, it is used as front windshield in automobiles, and its safety is not as good as laminated glass. But for automobile manufacturers, the cost is lower. Normal tempered glass is not suitable for front windshield. Because when it breaks, it turns into a pile of debris, hanging in front of the driver like a waterfall. It instantaneously blocked the driver's sight, which was not conducive to dealing with emergency situations. In this way, some mid-and low-grade automobiles choose zone toughened glass as front windshield. This kind of glass has a low repairable rate and is usually replaced directly.


Sandwich glass

As the name implies, two or more layers of glass are glued together. It is the safest glass and the most suitable glass for front windshield. It is safe because there is a layer of PVB film between the glass. PVB film is a kind of high polymer material with high adhesion and flexibility. When the glass is broken, the PVB film will stick the glass fragments together, so that the glass fragments will not scatter and injure people, and ensure that the driver has a certain vision to deal with emergencies. In addition, the flexibility and penetration resistance of laminated glass with PVB film are enhanced. To a certain extent, this can prevent the front row driver and passenger from rushing their head out of the front windshield because of too much inertia during emergency braking.

How to Maintain Transparent Glass Car Windows?

Apart from the open sports car, the car has front and rear windshields and four bus windows. Now the automobile glass is toughened glass, which brings more quiet space to the car and greatly improves the comfort of the car. The front and rear windshield of a car determines whether the driver's vision is clear or not. How to maintain the car glass to ensure clear driving vision?


Rational Use of Glass Water

At present, glass water in the domestic market is mainly divided into three types: summer glass water, winter anti-freezing glass water and special anti-freezing glass water. Among them, glass water is mainly used to remove fly insects, gum and other residues on glass in summer. In winter, the anti-freezing glass water mainly ensures that all parts of automobile cleaning glass will not be frozen when the temperature is below - 20℃. The special anti-freezing glass water is mainly used in the north especially cold areas, to ensure that the car is not icing at - 40℃. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate glass water according to the specific weather conditions in the region.

Check wiper regularly

The rubber scraper of the wiper belongs to the vulnerable parts. Generally, new wiper strips are replaced in about one year. The wiper motor and rocker arm are checked every six months. Lubricating oil should be added in time to ensure their flexible operation. In rainy season, wiper is very important for driving safety. If there is any problem, it should be repaired and replaced in time. Otherwise, it not only affects the driving sight, but also may damage the car glass.


Glass insurance for vehicles

In case of glass damage, there is a risk that the insurance company will pay for it, that is, the risk of glass breakage alone. Specifically, the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the loss of individual breakage of glass in the use of insurance vehicles. Glass breakage alone refers to the breakage of only windshield and window glass (excluding lamp and mirror glass) of the protected vehicle. Glass breakage risk is divided into import glass rate insurance and domestic glass rate insurance. After the insurance is insured at different rates, the insurance company shall compensate according to the price of imported or domestic glass.


Automotive glass is a part that is easily overlooked by us. Weather is bad can come to great use, it can shield us from the wind and rain, snow, so we should take more care of the car glass. We're going to clean it up. Use regular brand glass water, do not use laundry powder or detergent instead of glass water, let alone clear water instead of glass water. In this way, chemical detergents such as detergents and laundry powder are easy to corrode rubber pipes and plug nozzles. They also accelerate the hardening of wiper strips and cause potential wear and tear to car glass.


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