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How much do you know about auto glass?

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1. Tempered glass cannot act on the front gear
The state clearly stipulates that the front windshield must not use toughened glass. Therefore, the general front windshield is laminated glass, and the door glass is generally relatively cheap tempered glass. After the laminated glass is damaged, it will radiate outwards centered on the collision point. The driver's field of vision is not completely blocked, and the glass can be kept as a whole to prevent the drivers and passengers from being thrown out. On the other hand, tempered glass, once damaged, will become a pile of small pieces, and the field of view is also completely obscured, which is extremely unfavorable for the driver's emergency handling.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of glass

The glass market is mixed, and many repair shops and even small facades can provide glass replacement items. And they all declared, "The price is cheaper than the repair station, and the quality is the same." You get what you pay for. In fact, many of the parts used are auxiliary factory parts.

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So how to distinguish between the sub-factory parts and the original glass parts?

1. See through the edge of broken glass

The broken edge of defective glass is generally very sharp, while the break of qualified glass is relatively round.

2. Look at the label

There is a label on the corner of each glass, which contains a lot of information, such as glass brand, production date, manufacturer, etc.

Through the above two pictures, the glass is tempered or laminated. Clear at a glance!

So this label cannot be faked? Answer: Yes.

However, the fake labels can be scraped off with a blade, and the qualified ones will not be easily scraped off.

3. The production date of the glass

The final row of number symbols is: "...9", 9 indicates the year, which is 2009.

1) If the black point is before "9", it means the first half of the production, the calculation formula is "7-the number of black points", so "...... 9" should be 7-6 = 1, so this piece of glass should It was produced in January 2009;

2) If the black dot is after "9", it means production in the second half of the year. The calculation formula is "13-number of black dots". of.


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