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How to buy car glass

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1. How to buy:
  Select regular manufacturers: The car glass on the market today is divided into the so-called original glass and subsidiary glass. The quality of the glass produced by the subsidiary factory is not guaranteed, so when purchasing, customers must first choose a regular channel and a regular manufacturer to prevent being deceived; other regular manufacturers must have 3C certification.
   ●Glass can't be cheap, inferior glass endangers driving safety
  Look at the trademark: it is difficult to scrape off the mark of qualified products with a blade, and the shoddy products can be scraped off as soon as they are scraped; at the same time, the broken corners of qualified glass are relatively oily, while the counterfeit glass is very sharp. In addition, the exterior of the qualified car glass is very lubricated, and there is no unevenness.
  ●Distinguish the quality of glass, it is difficult to scratch off the mark of qualified car glass
Look at the broken glass: If it is good, then it is placed on the ground and it cannot be stepped on. Then the broken glass is in this attitude. Step on it to see its effect. This low-quality inferior glass will be broken when stepped on , This fragmentation will cause great damage to the human body. Unqualified car glass is more likely to be fatal when hit.
2. Distinguish the authenticity:
   Car glass not only shields wind and rain, transmits light and heats up, it is also an important part of car safety, which is related to the personal safety of drivers and passengers. "It is reported that the China Consumers Association recently issued a consumer warning stating that due to the uneven quality of the car glass and the low quality of the installation, it has caused about 10% of the occupants to be damaged by the car glass in the traffic accident. The probability of death of the occupant has increased. 2 percent.
  How to distinguish between good and bad glass, car glass is divided into two types, the front block is laminated glass, and the side windows are tempered glass. It is necessary for the front windshield to pass national certification, and paste the "3C" logo and code in a prominent position.
  What needs to be reminded is that it is difficult to scrape off with a blade for the identification of qualified products, and the fake and inferior products can be scraped off as soon as they are scraped; at the same time, the edges and corners of the qualified glass are relatively smooth after being broken, and the fake and inferior glass is very sharp. In addition, the exterior of the qualified car glass is very lubricated, and there is no unevenness. "In addition to being very careful in the selection, the installation of car glass is also exquisite." Experts also emphasized that the installation of car glass must go through a strict process. It is recommended that car owners understand some basic glass installation safety knowledge and replace the glass. At times, you should also take a look and ask more questions, because it is related to the safety of the car owner. On April 25 this year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security also announced that “car glass repairer” has become a new profession. When choosing a car glass repair operator, customers must not forget to recognize the qualifications of the other operator.
  It should be noted that when installing car glass, be sure to choose a regular installation shop to prevent potential safety hazards. At present, the car glass installation needs to go through 15 processes, and there are two main methods, namely, the glue method and the rubber strip.
   1. Wash and dry the glass before installation, and clean the surrounding area of the car block to prevent impurity from causing weak bonding.
  2. After the glass installation is completed, it is necessary to check whether it has reached a good sealing performance through instruments and tests, so as to ensure that it is not leaking, not ventilating, etc.
  3. The front and rear windshields of the car must be firm, especially the strength of the front and rear windshields should be high to prevent the formation of second damage to the drivers and passengers.
  4. If it is pasted with glue, do not wash the car within 24 hours, do not run at high speed and drive as smoothly as possible, avoid undulating roads, and do not remove the cable fixing the glass to prevent the glass from shifting.
   5. The installation orientation of the car glass should be accurate. After the car glass is installed, it must fit the overall curve of the car body and meet the aerodynamic requirements of the original car plan.
  6. All accessories related to the installation of car glass should be installed accurately and firmly, and the appearance is as good as before.


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