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How to change and repair automobile glass

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Because of the safety requirements of automobile glass, the method of damage assessment based on replacement has always been adopted when determining the damage of automobile glass. However, with the development of auto glass vacuum seamless repair technology, auto glass repair can also ensure the safe progress of the car. Therefore, in order to save the cost of compensation and social resources, when the damage scale is small, it is necessary to suppress the customer and make corrections as much as possible. The customer can be suppressed from the following aspects:

1. The skill point of view, after explaining and modifying the principle, clarifies the safety of the glass after modification, and does not affect the driving vision.

2. The viewpoint of energy conservation and environmental protection. Now that the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is well-known, it is easy to accept from this viewpoint.

3. From an economic point of view, all kinds of protective films are attached to automobile glass nowadays, and replacement glass films must be replaced. The film cost insurance company is not responsible for compensation, so correcting the glass can reduce the customer’s film loss.

4. For performance considerations, many car glass is still the original car glass when it is broken, clarifying to customers that if the glass is replaced, its sealing performance must be affected to a different degree.


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