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How to choose automobile film

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Car glass film is to stick a film like object on the front and rear windscreens, side windows and skylights of the vehicle. This film like object is also called solar film or explosion-proof heat insulation film.

So how to choose the right car glass film.

  1. Those who pay attention to privacy can choose the type with low light transmittance. The lowest light transmittance on the market is 5%. They can hardly see inside even when they lie on the window.

  2. Those who want to improve the heat insulation function can choose the type with higher infrared insulation rate and total heat insulation rate. Generally, the heat insulation rate on the market can reach about 60-70%. However, it should be noted that the glass film with good heat insulation rate can not completely reduce the temperature rise inside the car. It can only reduce or perhaps slow down the speed of temperature rise.

  3. Those who want to improve the safety can choose the explosion-proof membrane with higher price. This kind of film can effectively prevent the glass from splashing when the glass is broken.

   4. Of course, we can also choose the type of front film to stick the side and rear film, which can not only play a certain role in heat insulation and light blocking, but also not affect the lighting of the car interior space. It is worth recommending for rookies and new cars.

      Its main function is to block ultraviolet rays, isolate some heat, and avoid injury caused by sudden glass burst. It can also reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the objects and personnel in the car, and achieve the effect of saving fuel consumption in some aspects


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