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How to clean and maintain car glass

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Do you know how to clean and maintain car glass? Let's take a look

   01. Usually, you should pay attention to the water glass in the car. Sometimes when you have to go out before washing the car, the thing that can clean the car glass is to spray some glass water and use a wiper to clean the front windshield. 

  02. If there is enough time to clean the car, we should pay attention to the wiper and check the vicinity of the wiper carefully. If there are fallen leaves or something, clean it first, and then flush the car with a hose. 

  03. Wash it carefully with special car washing supplies, try not to scratch the glass, and then rinse it with clean water, and dry the water with a special car towel. 

  04. Clean the dust on the wiper regularly. Replace the wiper that has been used for a long time to avoid scratching the front windshield. After the car is usually used, try to put it in the indoor parking lot and do not let the wind blow and wipe it outside.


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