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How to deal with and penalize car glass damage on high-speed

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Automobile glass occupies about 30% of the total area of the vehicle body, so the probability of being injured by foreign objects such as stones during high-speed driving is relatively high. If car owners are not vigilant about encountering such an environment, how should we deal with penalties?
1. Front windshield glass damage
The front windshield glass, as the name suggests, is located at the front of the vehicle for light transmission and protection. Among all automobile glass, the damage rate of the front windshield is also the highest. As for the security aspect, everyone does not need to worry, because the country has been forced to delineate as early as N years ago, the front windshield must adopt laminated glass. What is laminated glass? I won’t make detailed definitions here, but it’s characteristics must be known to everyone. Laminated glass is a double-layer glass with a layer of PVB film between the two layers. Even if the glass is damaged by external forces, it will only It cracks without breaking and hurts people, so the front windshield glass is quiet glass. If everyone encounters the front windshield cracked by a foreign body during a self-driving tour, the driver can drive the vehicle normally without worry. After accidentally returning from driving, you can go to a professional glass repair shop for replacement.
2. Broken side windows and rear windshield
The side windows and rear windshield glass of most models use toughened glass, which is extremely strong and tough, so its rupture rate is very low, most of which are caused by some human factors in the traffic disorder. But if it is shattered by stones or exploded during high-speed driving, it is necessary for the owner to be vigilant and deal with punishment. Everyone knows that the cracked tempered glass will turn into tiny particles, but it will still cause personal injury. At this time, no matter whether we stick the film or not, we must slow down the speed, stop bumps, and stop the glass. The rear windshield is broken, and it is impossible to open the windows to prepare for a drive, and repair and replace them as soon as possible.


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