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How to deal with the air leakage of sliding windows

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When decorating, if there is a leak in the windows, this is the most troublesome thing. Especially for sliding windows, the sealing effect just after installation is still acceptable, but as the number of sliding times increases, the sealing effect of the window will deteriorate after a few years or even in some months. In this case, what should I do if the sliding window leaks?
In the first case, check whether the contact part between the window frame and the wall is not sealed due to the problem left by improper installation. If this is the case, it is best to check the debris in the contact part of the window frame and the wall Clean up the dust, dust, etc., fill it with styrofoam, and treat it with cement and sand. Finally, make repairs to ensure the beauty of the windows.
The second situation is the quality of the sliding window itself. If this is the case, you need to find a product seller, and it is best to replace the window with a good one. If there are problems in some details during the installation, and the installation is not standard, the sliding window can be removed and installed again without changing the original window structure, and the installation shall be installed in strict accordance with the relevant installation standards.
In the third case, if the gap between the sliding window is not large, the sealing strip can be used, but this method cannot be done once and for all, and the sealing strip needs to be replaced after a long time.
In the fourth case, the air leakage gap of the sliding window is too large, and the sealing strip cannot be simply pasted. It is necessary to add a layer of plastic steel window to the original window to solve it. The third situation is that after the sliding window has been used for a long time, the location where the sliding window leaks is usually the contact part between the two sashes, and the other location is the contact part between the sash and the window frame. If there is air leakage in these two places It's relatively easy. You only need to replace the special sealing strip, and it needs to be replaced multiple times over time. If it is the connection between the window frame and the wall, which is the first case, in addition to the more complicated solution above, it can also be solved by filling with glass glue. Once the sliding window of the home leaks, the first thing to pay attention to is whether it is a newly renovated house or a house that has been inhabited for a long time. Generally, the new house can be inspected from the first and second conditions, and the house that has been living for a period of time is best Start inspection from the third situation, and after finding the problem, you can prescribe the right medicine to prevent air leakage at home.


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