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How to determine the size of the sliding window

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       Sliding windows mainly refer to doors and windows in which the window sashes are vertically moved left and right in the horizontal direction. Every household will have doors and windows, and most people will use sliding windows. However, sliding windows also come in different sizes. If you don't know the size, installation errors may occur. Let's take everyone to understand the size of the sliding window.
      The design principle of sliding windows The sliding windows are divided into up and down and left and right sliding. The principle is to increase indoor lighting and improve the overall appearance of the building without occupying indoor space. Advantages of Sliding Windows Sliding windows use pulley-mounted sashes to slide on the track on the window frame. The advantage of this type of window is that the window does not take up extra space regardless of the opening and closing state, and the structure is relatively simple. Disadvantages of sliding windows At present, 50% of the window sashes on the market can be opened completely, but sliding windows can only be opened by sliding. Generally speaking, the thermal performance of casement windows cannot be achieved. The energy consumption is high. The most important point is its airtightness. Sex is very poor.

      Sliding window size Sliding window size can be determined according to the needs of the building and the actual situation, that is to say, there is no formal regulation on the size of sliding window, but the ratio of height to width, general window size is high (1.2÷1.5)×width 1.5 (M), height (1.0÷1.2)×width 1.2 (m) is the most. This is because the window is too large, which will affect the service life of the window, especially the hardware and other accessories, but if the window is too small, it will cause the sliding window to be inflexible! So the size of the sliding window is not the bigger the better!


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