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How to install the RV dining table

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Many consumers who live in RVs like to buy a retractable dining table. This retractable dining table is very convenient to use. It can be stretched for use when dining, and can be folded and stored when not in use. Generally speaking, the installation of the retractable dining table is done after you buy it home. If you don’t know how to install the telescopic dining table, come and learn from me.

1. Prepare tools in advance. Phillips or flat-blade screwdriver; No. wrench; pencil, it is recommended to use a pistol drill. Insert the round fixed head into the punched hole (the cross side of the connector is exposed, and the notch of the fixed head is aligned with the punched position of the cross section). Screw the connecting rod into the expansion plug that has been embedded in the board. Put the universal wheel into the movable door marked on the telescopic table installation drawing with a No. 14 wrench, do not need to screw it to the end, and adjust the height later.

  2. Screw the handle into the hole of the handle. The handle screws for the installation of the telescopic table may be too long, so two round gaskets with holes are added to the hardware package, and the gaskets are placed between the screws and the door panel. When leaving the factory, only the hinge screw holes are pre-drilled on the movable door and door panel, and the hinge holes on the two side panels and the top panel are not pre-drilled. This is to make the installation easier for the buyer. The installation error is small. Let the buyers get tired of screwing a few more screws.

3. Turn the folding dining table upside down, with the top plate touching the ground. Use hinges to connect No. 2 desktop and No. 1 top plate together. Move the door panel to support the desktop, insert the pin head into the hole on the back of the desktop, draw the position with a pencil on the movable door and fix the pin. When installing the telescopic dining table, lay felt cloth or cardboard boxes on the ground to avoid scratches on the table.


    Fourth, fix it with screws. When installing the hinges, because the surface of the board is hard, the screws are more difficult to screw in. You can press the screws first, and knock the screws with a hammer a few times to leave a small hole in the board, so that it is easy to screw in. The installation of the telescopic table requires 24 sets of fixed heads and connecting rods. 26 sets are included in the packaging, and 2 sets are spare. Please do not say that you are missing parts.

      Manufacturers of retractable dining tables generally provide corresponding installation drawings when they sell retractable dining tables. All we need to do is to use tools to complete the installation step by step in accordance with the requirements on the drawings. So don’t worry too much about how to install the retractable dining table. If you are not at ease, just follow the instructions introduced by the editor. I believe that after the telescopic dining table is installed, you will be satisfied.


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