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How to maintain car glass?

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Attention should be paid to the maintenance of auto glass:

1. Use special or suitable wiper blades and replace them in time (usually once a year) to avoid scratching the front glass.

2. Always adhere to the front-end cleaning. If there is debris, try not to use a wiper to handle it, and use a towel or other things to remove it carefully.

3. Use glass water specially designed for automobiles. In this way, you can maintain a clear vision, add lubrication, and reduce the wear on the front gear.

4. Every time it rains, before using the wiper, it is best to wipe off the dust and other things on it, so that it will not scratch the front gear.

5. Paste symbols, etc. on the front rail. Please use electrostatic film to avoid accidentally scratching the front rail when removing the glue.

6. When parking outdoors in winter, it is best to cover things on the front cover, such as cover the car jacket, clip a few newspapers, etc., so that the front glass will not be damaged due to defrosting.

7. Don't follow behind the cart to prevent the front glass from breaking and hitting the glass.

8. Insuring a glass insurance, the ultimate rescue method is prepared. Use suitable glass water, don't often dry wipe, if you drop the debris, you can try to gradually remove it with a knife.
In summer or winter, the windshield simply presents problems such as vague mirror surface or random reflection of mirror surface. Especially when there is a lot of rain, there are simply a lot of shellac such as flying insects or bird droppings of various colors on the glass surface. We must be diligent in cleaning the glass to improve the overall appearance of the car, improve the mental state of the car owner, and ensure the driving. Safety!


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