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How to maintain the appearance of the glass?

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In ordinary life, the use of glass furnaces is very extensive, and the usefulness and effects are endless, but if it is not properly maintained, it will cause losses to the glass. In order to reduce the abrasion and mildew of the product glass, the appearance maintenance method is usually adopted when the glass flows to the cold end: applying anti-mold agent, laying paper, spraying powder, blowing broken glass chips, and selecting speed before and after horizontal breaking. Roller and air cushion transportation, etc.

1. Glass mildew-proof treatment. Glass mildew will affect many functions; reduce the transparency of glass, affect optical functions, and deteriorate the appearance, and can no longer be used in deep processing procedures such as coating and mirror making; reduce the mechanical strength of the glass; severe mildew, showing stained flakes , The whole box of glass becomes obsolete. At present, the methods for preventing mildew of glass at the cold end mainly include paper jam method, mildew powder method and mildew liquid method.

  The paper-jammed paper can absorb water to prevent a large area of water film on the surface of the glass, and then effectively prevent the surface of the glass from being moldy. The maintenance effect of jammed paper improves with the increase of the quality of paper per unit area. The paper clamping method has a certain anti-mildew effect, but the useful anti-mildew period is short, and the storage exceeds the useful period. The acid anti-mildew paper will have "paper patterns" on the glass, which is not easy to clean. The paper can be manually jammed during the packing, and the paper can be laid by the paper machine after the cutting is broken.

      The anti-mildew powder method spraying anti-mildew barrier powder on the surface of the glass is an economical, useful and simple method of appearance protection, which has been widely used. Apply static electricity to the powder before spraying, so that the powder is evenly distributed and firmly adsorbed on the surface of the glass plate.
  Anti-mold solution method This method uses the limiting effect of divalent ions, which not only prevents water vapor from condensing on the surface of the glass, but also forms a strong waterproof layer on the surface of the glass and does not exist "paper texture". There are two ways to apply: one is to spray the anti-mildew liquid on the upper surface of the glass in a mist manner; the other is to apply the anti-mildew liquid on the surface of the glass with a soft rubber coating roller. The applied anti-mildew liquid is natural and boring.

  2. The main reason for preventing glass surface abrasion is the relative displacement between the glass plates and between the glass and other equipment during the production and transportation of the glass. Blowing cleaning equipment is usually equipped with blowing cleaning equipment to clean the surface of the glass after the final breaking process is completed. The hardness of paper-jammed paper is much lower than the surface hardness of the glass, and it exists between the glass plates, which can prevent the glass plates from sliding against each other and appearing mechanical abrasion. Air-cushion transportation because the glass is in a floating state during the transportation process, and there is no relative mechanical movement with the transportation equipment, so it prevents the mechanical abrasion of the glass surface.


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