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How to maintain the car's built-in windows

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    The society has been advancing. A car and an ordinary car generally have four windows that can be opened and closed. Their function can be easily understood without saying more. When you just start the car, you need to open all of them. This way The reason for the operation is to keep the air fresh. After a period of time when the car is placed, the air in the car is generally poor. Therefore, it is very important to habitually exhaust the air every time you drive to ensure our breathing. Health is becoming more and more widespread. Cars have become the most common means of transportation, but have you noticed the triangular windows around the car windows? Many people think that they are beautifully decorated, but they are actually very useful.

     In the process of high-speed operation, all windows should be closed, because the impact of airflow is very huge, and even affect our control of the steering wheel. From this it seems that the role of car windows is indeed more important, we need to learn maintenance knowledge in our daily lives, so as to extend the time of use. The more common damage is scratches on hard objects. Most of them here are caused by man-made. When some pedestrians pass by, it is very likely that they have accidentally scratched the glass. When we find out, we can buy professional cleaning agents, simple It will not be so obvious after the operation. The sticker strip on the car window is very annoying to clean up. When we tore the paper strip, we found that many small paper scraps stuck to the glass. Common tools are difficult to clean and can only be handled with sticker cleaning fluid. The ingredients can dissolve the glue, so it is much easier to clean up. It is very important to ensure the transparency of the car windows.


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