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How to remove the label glue on the car glass

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How to remove the annual inspection marks on the windshield and body of the car, publicity stickers, and stickers from the manufacturer?

1. Use professional self-adhesive remover or self-adhesive cleaning agent to continuously clean up, which is convenient and energy-saving, has a significant effect, and does not cause damage to the car body, and is safe and reliable.

2. Since the adhesive used in the trademark label is not resistant to high temperatures, first use the warm air of a hair dryer to bake it, and then remove it by hand, leaving no traces a little.

3. If there are still traces after the above treatment, the following methods can be used:

(1) For the remaining traces, wet the towel with hot water first, and scrub with soap on the adhesive traces until they are removed, and finally wipe it with clean water.

(2) You can also use a cotton swab to dip the vinegar and fengyoujing on the sticker evenly, and scrape it back and forth. You can also remove the sticker on the car glass after a long time, but the effect is the most obvious. It is alcohol. Dip enough high-concentration alcohol with a soft cloth or the like, then soak and scrub the sticker, the sticker will soften and detach. If the alcohol does not have obvious cleaning effect on some sticker, it can be used Dip a soft cloth with a small amount of gasoline and wipe the adhesive tape, but because gasoline can damage some plastics or paints, you must first test the applicability.


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