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How to repair the car windshield? (Auto glass wholesale)

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    At present, the usage rate of cars is getting higher and higher. When car owners are driving on the road, hard objects such as stones damage or break the windshield of the car. This situation is more likely to occur when driving on suburban roads. In this situation, car owners generally replace the entire windshield. In fact, the car windshield can be repaired. If the crack is not large, the strength of the glass after the repair will not be affected too much, and it can generally be reached. About 90% of the strength of the original glass, it will not affect driving safety.

    The repair method for small glass cracks is to simply flatten the glass before construction, and then extract the air in the cracks or bullet marks with professional equipment to avoid bubbles in the glass. The next step is to inject resin glue into the cracks or In the cracks of bullet marks. Because this resin glue can condense quickly only under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, after the injection, it must be dried with an ultraviolet lamp, and finally polished with a brightener. After the repair, it will generally be as good as before.    玻璃修补的六大优点:

    1. Prevent the expansion of holes or cracks to ensure driving safety.

    2. There is no need to disassemble to prevent poor sealing and damage to the car's appearance caused by the replacement of the glass.

    3. Reduce the abandonment of glass, in line with the trend of environmental protection.

    4. After repairing, it is sturdy and durable, the original strength of the rehabilitation glass, and the clarity can reach more than 95%.

    5. On-site construction, quick repair, saving time and effort.

    6. Save money for you (the cost of replacing the glass).


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