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How to repair the scratch on the side window of a car

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        The car side window glass can determine whether the vision in the car is clear or not. For various reasons, the side window glass of the car is prone to the problems of blurred mirror or scratch (sand is worn out in the window gap when the window is lifted and lowered, and the scratch caused by the film cutting blade scratches the glass) and other problems, which not only affect the vision, but also is not beautiful.


        The car side window will be replaced only when it is necessary. The replacement of side window glass is few hundred yuan, and more tens of thousands of yuan, but if the repair is done, the direct cost is only several to dozens of yuan. Glass replacement needs to be removed, scraped, positioned, glued and other processes. Generally, the newly installed side window glass can not be compared with the original glass when the car leaves the factory, and the consistency, firmness, sealing degree and sound insulation can not reach the factory effect. The glass scratch repair tool can easily and perfectly repair the mirror blur and scratch on the side window of the car as new, and it does not need to be removed, and it will not affect the driver's vision and the safe use of glass. 

     The glass scratch repair tool can repair the damage of glass surface (such as scratch, alkali, acid corrosion, welding point and other surface defects) by grinding and polishing. It is a fast, economical and easy to operate process to repair glass with glass scratch repair tool. The tool contains instruction manual and demonstration disc.


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