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How to solve the damage of car glass side window?

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1. Broken side windows and rear windshield

The side windows and rear windshield glass of most models use toughened glass, which is extremely strong and tough, so its breakage rate is very low, most of which are caused by traffic accidents or human factors.

Cause broken. However, if it is broken by stones or explodes at high speeds, it needs to be handled with care by the owner. Everyone knows that toughened glass will become fine particles after being broken, but still

It will cause personal injury. At this time, whether we stick the film or not, we need to slow down the speed to avoid bumps, and no longer lift the glass. The same is true for the broken rear windshield and the windows cannot be opened

Prevent driving, and repair and replace as soon as possible.

Under what circumstances can it be repaired? Under what circumstances can only be replaced?

Can glass scratches be repaired?

It is also a common situation that car glass is accidentally scratched. Whether it can be repaired or not depends on the location and depth of the scratch to make a decision. Generally, car windows and rear windshield can be thrown

The repair is done by light, and for the front windshield glass scratches, it needs to be divided into two situations to decide:

1. Not in the main viewing area. If the scratch is not in the main field of view, it can be polished with glass abrasive paste and special pneumatic tools. If it is hard or deep scratch, it cannot be repaired

2. In the main viewing area. If it is in the main field of view, it is generally not recommended to polish, unless it is a very slight scratch. Because the curvature and thickness of the glass changes slightly after polishing, it is easy to produce optical distortion

With this change, drivers are prone to dizziness when driving, which affects safety.


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