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How to tell whether the car glass has been changed

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1. Look at the glass mark

   In most cases, after the car glass is replaced, the label on the new glass will be very different from the original glass. Generally, the original glass is marked with not only the logo of the car brand, but also the logo of the glass brand. Because of some policies and regulations of the car manufacturers, the supporting manufacturers in the market have stopped using the brand trademark of the car. Therefore, there is only a glass brand mark on most of the glass that is replaced later, but there is no car brand mark.

2. see the date of birth

   Under normal circumstances, the production date of the whole car glass is close to the production date of the whole car. If one of the glass and the other glass have a large production date interval, it means that the glass has been replaced. If the date of production of each piece of glass is different, then be careful, as it is possible to overturn the car. Car glass and tires are similar, and there are methods to tell the date of production through some of the numbers above. But unlike tires, the unit of calculation date for tires is week, while that for car glass is month.
3. See the manufacturer

  After checking the manufacturer's code number on the glass, we can see which manufacturer the glass comes from. Generally, car manufacturers buy glass in batches, and do not use too many brands or different origins of the same brand.

4. Look at the glass mirror holder

   At present, the interior rearview mirrors of most models are installed on the front windshield glass, and the fixing device between the rearview mirror and the glass is commonly called "mirror holder". The original or genuine glass is generally equipped with a mirror holder when it is produced, and it is very suitable. The counterfeit or sub-factory glass is generally just a piece of smooth glass. When replacing it, you need to remove the mirror holder of the broken glass, and then stick it on the new glass with special glue. You have to be careful when you see this kind of scene. Glass without a mirror holder It is likely to be a counterfeit or cheap product.

5. Look at the appearance

   After investigating the glass and the surrounding appearance, it is determined whether the glass has been replaced. Generally, it is not easy to distinguish through this method, and car owners who require some car knowledge can see the clues, and only the front and rear windshields are available.

   (1) Check whether the glass glue strip is flat. If it is not flat, the glass may be removed, but not every car has a glass glue strip.

   (2) Check whether the gap between the glass and the A-pillars at both ends is consistent. When the car is produced, the robot is responsible for installing the front and rear windshields, so the gap between the two ends is almost the same. However, the later replacement is performed manually, so certain errors in the left and right intervals cannot be avoided.
  (3) Check whether the paint in the gap between the front and rear windshield has fine scratches, if any, it may be traces left by removing the old glass.
  (4) Check whether there is any extrusion of glass glue in the gap between the front and rear windshields. The original factory used robots to make glue, and then it was changed to manual glue. In order to prevent leakage of wind and rain, it would inevitably squeeze out a part of it.


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