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How to use the sliding window of a car correctly in daily life?

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Sliding windows are now the most common home improvement windows. Do you also have sliding windows in your home? In addition to your home, many cars, buses, and buses use sliding windows, so they are still widely used. Although the sliding window is very convenient to use and cheap to make, it often makes people ignore the daily maintenance of it. After a long period of time, it is easy to reduce the service life of the sliding window, and the replacement of the window will cause unnecessary expenses. Therefore, we can't ignore the maintenance of sliding windows. So how to maintain it? Please take a look with the automobile aluminum alloy sliding window manufacturer!

1. After the doors and windows are installed, the protective film on the surface of the profile should be removed in time and scrubbed clean; otherwise, a large amount of the protective film adhesive will remain on the profile, which is difficult to clean.

2. The window sash should be closed in time when it is windy.

3. No heavy objects can be hung on the window sash.

4. When the sliding window is in use, the sliding track should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean, so that there are no hard particles on the surface of the track and the groove.

5. Plastic steel doors and windows are equipped with drainage systems in window frames, sashes and other parts to ensure the air-tight and water-tight performance of the doors and windows. Users should not block the drainage holes of the doors and windows during use to avoid lowering the drainage performance of the doors and windows.

6. When pushing and pulling the sliding window, the force point should be in the middle or lower position of the window sash. Do not use too much force when pushing or pulling, so as not to reduce the service life of the window sash.

7. The gauze fan can remove the adhesive strip that fixes the gauze, take off the gauze, and clean it with water-soluble detergent.

8. When the screen fan of the sliding window is in use, please pay attention to overlap with the vertical frame of the inner rail sliding fan to maintain good airtightness.

The above is about the daily maintenance methods of sliding windows. They are all methods that only need a little attention. It only takes a few minutes on weekdays to exchange for several years of service life of sliding windows.


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