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Interpretation of glass breakage risk alone

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Risk of breaking glass alone
The risk of glass breakage alone, that is, the safe company acts as a commercial security to compensate for the loss of the car's glass alone when the safe vehicle is in use. The broken glass alone means that only the windshield and window glass (not including the lights, mirror glass, and sunroof glass) of the insured vehicle are damaged.

Insurance scale
This security is an additional insurance to the vehicle loss insurance, and only vehicles that have been insured for the vehicle loss insurance can insure this additional insurance.

Safe duty
During the safe period, the safe vehicle's windshield or window glass (except the sunroof glass) breaks independently during the use of the safe vehicle, and the safe person will compensate for the loss according to practice.
The insured person voluntarily selects and insures according to imported or domestic glass based on the negotiation with the safe owner, and the safe owner undertakes the corresponding safe duties according to his selection.

common problem:
Answer: No compensation is provided in the risk of glass breaking alone. The glass in the independent glass breakage risk refers to windshield glass and car window glass, excluding car lights, car mirror glass, if car lights, car mirror glass is broken or broken during vehicle repair, the safe company is not responsible for compensation. of.
In addition, if you insure according to the imported glass rate, the firm will compensate according to the quoted price of imported glass. If you choose the domestic glass rate to insure, the firm will compensate according to the quoted price of domestic glass.


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