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Introduction of automobile tempered glass

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Tempered glass

1. What is tempered glass

Tempered glass is divided into physical tempering and chemical tempering. What we usually call tempered glass refers to physical tempering.

1. What is full tempered glass

The glass is heated to near the softening temperature in the heating furnace. At this time, the glass is in a state of sticking and flowing, and it is kept for a period of time. Then the piece of glass is quickly sent to the cooling device, and the glass is uniformly quenched by the low-temperature high-speed airflow, so that the inner layer of the glass is produced. Tensile stress produces compressive stress on the outer surface. The glass product processed in this way is fully tempered glass.

2. What is regional tempered glass

The glass is heated to close to the softening temperature in the heating furnace, and then the glass is quickly sent into the wind grid with different cooling intensity, and the glass is unevenly cooled, so that the main viewing area and the surrounding area of ??the glass produce different stresses, and the surrounding area is in the wind grid. The strong wind position is fully tempered. This position has good fragmentation and high tempering strength. The main viewing area is in the weakly cold position of the wind grid. The fragments are large and the tempering strength is low. The glass produced by this method is regionalized glass.

Second, the characteristics of tempered glass


A. Has high mechanical strength

a. Punching strength

The impact strength of tempered glass is 5-8 times that of ordinary glass of the same thickness. 5mm thick tempered glass is impacted by 227g steel balls. The steel balls fall from a height of 2-3 meters and the glass will not break. The glass of the same thickness will be broken at 0.4 meters. .

b. Bending strength

The bending strength is 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. A piece of 6×1250×350mm glass strip is used. The two ends are framed with a weight in the middle. The maximum curvature in the middle can reach 100mm without breaking.

B. Has good thermal stability

Thermal stability refers to the ability of glass to withstand severe temperature changes without being damaged. Tempered glass can withstand temperature changes ranging from 150-320C, while ordinary glass is only 70-90C. For example, tempered glass is placed on ice at 0C and poured on it. The melted 327C lead water glass will not burst

C. Good safety performance

When the toughened glass is broken, the fragments become honeycomb-shaped obtuse-angled small particles, which are not easy to hurt people.


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