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Is it necessary to install the sliding window

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When I decorated my house, I chose the sliding window. At that time, I thought it was just a window. I could do anything. But now I have lived for a long time, and I find that the sliding window is completely a pit, which not only has poor sealing, but also occupies space. Is it necessary to install the sliding window? What are the precautions for window installation?

1. Don't use sliding windows for door and window decoration. It's popular now. It's not only energy-saving but also more durable. The sliding window is flexible and labor-saving, but it can't open the window completely, which is not conducive to indoor air circulation. The casement window is different from it, which can open the window completely.

2. Moreover, the sealing performance of the sliding window is relatively poor, especially the gap between the track and the window, which is prone to air leakage in winter and water seepage in rainy days. If you turn on the air conditioner in summer, the air conditioner will run away from the gap, which will affect the cooling of the air conditioner, and the cost will increase.

3. The track of the sliding window uses the roller to work. If it is used for a long time, it is easy to wear and tear. It is also very troublesome to replace it. You have to find a professional master to repair it. However, the general master needs more than 100 pieces when he comes to the door. It is much easier to replace it with a casement window. Once there is a problem, just replace it with a hardware chain, which is cheap and trouble free, It's necessary for busy friends. Especially in the winter of the north, with the sliding window, the wind will blow into the room from the gap, and the casement window can completely avoid this situation.

4. Although the appearance of the sliding window is very atmospheric, the decorative effect is strong, the use of the use of almost no indoor space, the price is also very favorable. However, the air tightness of the sliding window is very long when it is closed, and only half of the space can be opened when the window is opened. Although there is a new technology improved sliding window, which can push multiple window sashes to one side to fold, and also improve the air tightness of the sliding window, generally speaking, it is still unable to achieve the thermal performance of the casement window. What are the precautions for window installation?

1. The profile and wall thickness of windows prepared for window installation shall meet the design requirements, and the accessories shall be made of stainless steel or galvanized material.

2. The aluminum alloy window sash must be installed firmly, and the push-pull sash must have reliable anti falling measures. The window sash should be opened flexibly and closed tightly. 3. The window installation should be horizontal and vertical, and there should be a certain gap with the opening wall. The gap should not be filled with cement mortar, we should use elastic materials to fill tightly.

4. The aluminum alloy window frame must be firmly installed, and the number, location, embedding method and frame connection method of the embedded parts must meet the design requirements. It is forbidden to fix the doors and windows on the masonry with shooting nails. The opening direction, installation position and connection mode of aluminum alloy windows shall meet the design requirements.

5. In the process of installation, check the windows to see whether they are qualified and whether they are obviously damaged. Check whether there are cracks in the glass.

6. Nowadays, most of the windows are made of aluminum alloy. In the process of installation, the firmness of the windows must be ensured, and the drag fans must have anti falling measures to avoid falling off during use.

7. The surface around the window should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the edge of the window can be treated according to the design requirements. If there is no requirement, the window edge can be painted with anti-corrosion paint or pasted with plastic film and other materials for anti-corrosion. The cement mortar is in direct contact with the aluminum alloy window, resulting in chemical reaction.

8. The window crevice processing is also the most important detail processing when the window is installed. After the adjustment of the window is completed, it is necessary to greatly soak the feet at the gap to fill the gap between the window and the wall. After the completion of the styrofoam, the edge of the window frame should be coated with sealant, which is the key point to prevent rainwater penetration.

9. In the process of installation, it is necessary to protect the products, remove the cement mortar falling on the surface of doors and windows in time, and timely repair the damaged falling protective adhesive tape and film.


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