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Laminated glass manufacturing technology

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PVB has a wide range of applications in laminated glass. This is the first resin used in the interlayer of industrial glass. Glass sandwich manufacturing technology, autoclave lamination operation, is the technology for manufacturing this layer, which is also a key part of the laminated glass manufacturing technology. The use of this kind of information still occupies a major position in the profession to this day. The technical process of laminated glass manufacturing mainly includes: the selection and preservation of PVB film, the environment of the filming room, the cleaning degree of the glass, the method of filming, preheating and prepressing, the operation technology of the glass in the autoclave, etc.

Among these manufacturing technology processes, in the process of laminated glass, the technology of combining sheets, glass preheating and prepressing technology, and glass operation in the autoclave are the more difficult technical processes in the manufacturing process. The analysis and research of several links is the key link to ensure the quality of laminated glass. Therefore, in-depth discussions on some of these manufacturing technologies.  

When the glass is combined, the PVB film with the appropriate glass width must be selected first, and the film must be cleaned to prevent the corner film and the glass from being directly connected by hand, and the PVB film should be naturally flattened, not stretched, and aligned with the inside and outside of the glass. The film should not have a sense of unevenness. It is necessary to check whether the reserved symbols are overlapped, and then cut off the remaining film. When performing the cutting operation, the blade should be kept tilted, and 0.5mm~2mm film should be reserved at the edge of the film. Prevent film shrinkage caused by film shrinkage. After the film and glass are combined, put on a vacuum rubber band and check the sealing strip. The tension around the glass must be even, and then cold pump the glass to clean the air in the center of the film, and the cold pumping time should not be too long. Less than 5min.


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